• About Us

We are a family-owned business serving owners of cats, dogs, and some exotic pets. Call (661) 296-8848 to make an appointment today to see any of our friendly doctors:

  • Dr. Vanessa Vandersande
  • Dr. Tristan Clark
  • Dr. Kevin Raymond

We at Copper Hill Animal Clinic have dedicated our lives and this practice to our patients-your companions-whom we serve.

Quality of care is our paramount concern, and we constantly challenge ourselves to provide the best in medical diagnosis and treatment, in addition to offering a nurturing and inviting environment for your companion.

All of our staff members are highly trained, experienced and exceedingly empathetic so that we can address your pets’ needs while doing our best to reassure them with a loving touch and genuine compassion.

Our practice philosophy is to treat each patient as if it were our own beloved companion, and our passion is to prevent suffering through education, preventive care, and the evaluation of all options.